Valley View Clays is a new, public, sporting clays shooting course, located in the rolling hills of northeast Georgia. As the name implies, the course has hills and valleys which means shooting up and down hill. It has hardwood lanes, pine lanes, and open lanes.

Valley View Clays plans to grow to 25 shooting lanes, to provide a variety of options suitable for all levels of experience – from beginner to pro. The client selects the level of difficulty and is assigned shooting lanes accordingly. 

Our goal is provide a challenging course through versatility. Thrower positions will be changed monthly. We also have a Five Stand platform that presents all levels of difficulty. Come visit us soon for a wonderful shooting experience in a family-friendly environment!

Five Stand

Five stand is a “condensed” version of sporting clays and a great way to gain experience.   The five stations are side-by-side, and shooters attempt five targets at each, for 25 total target attempts per round.  A variety of targets will be thrown. Shooters attempt 5 targets at each station, for a total of 25 targets per round.

Valley View Clays

We join the National Sporting Clays Association by insisting “safety first,”  from the moment you take the gun out of the truck. Open the breech to ensure it’s not loaded, then keep the breech open so everyone can see it is safe. Make sure your gun is not loaded by opening the breech, and look down the barrel to check for obstructions. Keep the breech open to let everyone see that it is safe, but at all times, treat the gun as if it is loaded. Never put a shell in until you are in the box, ready to shoot. Open your gun as you move from station to station. And always, always, wear ear and eye protection.

Valley View Clays

The stations at Valley View Clays offer a wide range of terrain to mimic hunting conditions.


Densely-planted pines offer unique and challenging lanes.